Past Event

This event was held on 2021.11.30 (Tue).

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11/30 20:00 【配信チケット/カメレオンリパブリック】定期公演 vol.8【カメリパ】
11.30 (Tue) ⇨ 12.03 (Fri) | Online Streaming

11/30 20:00 【配信チケット/カメレオンリパブリック】定期公演 vol.8【カメリパ】

  • alarm Open 2021/11/30 (Tue) 19:50
  • date_range 2021/11/30 (Tue) 20:00 - 2021/12/03 (Fri)
  • grade Pop / Rock

Chameleon Republic’s Start-Up Regular Show!

*This is the streaming ticket for the event on 11/30.*

“ChameRepu" will be doing live streaming!

Our journey has only just begun!
Please support us!


With the concept of “super changeable idol”, Chameleon Republic a.k.a “ChameRepu” continues to change and evolve together with their songs. All members are active in modeling, acting, etc., and aiming to create a new unit with a fresh style.

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